Hostel Regulations


1. A hostel is a centre of community life.  All residents; pupils/students are expected to contribute their quota to make it a happy home.  The system of accommodation is that of our pupils/students sharing a room space, with some few exceptions. Each pupil/student is also required to exercise the greatest discretion and self-discipline in relation to other pupils/students, hostel authority and staff as well as the general public. Pupils/students who want to live in the hostel must abide by the rules and regulations pertaining thereto;


  1. Pupils/students shall be brought to the hostel upon resumption by parent(s)/guardian(s), who shall be required to sign consent form for same.
  2. Only bonafide registered pupils/students of the Academy are allowed to live in the hostel
  3. Pupils/students must present evidence of full payment for boarding house to gain access to the hostel. (see boarding fee on the school website at
  4. All payment are to be made via the academy website alone

      Opening and Closing of the Hostels:

      1. Hostels shall be opened only 24 hours before the school resumption date and shall be closed not later than 24 hours from the last day the school vacates.
      2. Any resident that wishes to resume earlier or stays beyond the last date must make applications in writing to the Senior Boarding House Master/Mistress (SBHM). Such resident may be required to pay extra fee for the number of days of such extension

        Visiting Day:

        1. Visiting day comes-up every first Saturday of the month from 11:00am-4:30pm.
        2. Parents/guardians are strongly advised to visit their wards only on visiting days. The meeting point shall be as designated by the school authority. No parent/guardian shall be allowed into the hostel premises and rooms

        Banned Items and other Prohibition in the Hostels:

        1. Use of Wireless sets, radio, stereos sets are completely banned in the hostel.
        2. Use of cosmetics such as pancake, powder, lipsticks, eye shadow, ribbon etc are totally banned from the hostel and school premise.
        3. Smoking, alcohol and Narcotic are strictly not allowed
        4. Writing of all sorts on the hostel walls is punishable by expulsion/suspension from hostel
        5. Multi wears are not allowed in the hostel. All pupils/students must be on house wears at all times.
        6. Pupils/students are not allowed to bring raw food items of any kind into the hostel. But are however permitted to bring in items such as; Biscuit, milk, sugar, cornflakes and others in that category only.
        7. The installation and/or use of cookers, toasters, immersion, heaters, refrigerators, cooking rings, etc are not allowed in pupils/students’ rooms.
        8. All incidents of fire shall be investigated by the SBHM and disciplinary actions shall be taken against persons found responsible for any fire outbreak.
        9. Smoking of all types and drinking of alcohol are strictly forbidden at all places and times
        10. All fixtures, fittings and furnishing must not be tampered with or modified in any way whatsoever.
        11. Under no circumstances shall meals be cooked within hostel rooms.  Any student found guilty of this offence shall be suspended from the hostel for up to one academic term. Pupils/students are not allowed to take food from dinning to the hostel room.

                Boarding House General Administration:

                1. The Senior Boarding House Master/Mistress (SBHM) is responsible for the organization, supervision and control of life in hostels and the general welfare of students. He/she is assisted by Housemasters/Housemistresses who are responsible for the day-to-day social, cultural, athletics and intellectual activities of the hostel.
                2. All complains and observations by parents/guardians must be directed to the SBHM alone.
                3. The House Master/Mistress shall check the rooms periodically to make sure that the rooms are clean and tidy. Marks shall be allocated for cleanliness.  Dirty pupils/students whose rooms, premises etc are marked “Dirty” will be sent out of the hostels on the recommendations of the House Masters/Mistress
                4. The SBHM of the Academy shall make some byelaws for maintaining cleanliness and sanitation within the school and hostels.  Students and the general community must obey such rules.
                5. A Pupil/student, once allocated to a house/room is not permitted to transfer to another one except on medical ground and/or for any other good reasons acceptable to the SBHM.
                6. There shall be monthly environmental sanitation every last Saturday of the month.
                7. Female hostels rooms are out of bounds to all male pupils/students, staff and visitor(s) at all times, except on official duties. Similarly, female pupils/students and female visitors are not allowed into male hostel rooms at all times.
                8. Pupils/Students who withdraw from the hostel for any reason, or who are expelled or are requested or withdrawn from the Academy for any reason whatsoever, after the beginning of the term are not entitled to return to the hostel or to any refund of accommodation fees or any other regular charges.
                9. It is an offence punishable by expulsion or suspension from the hostel for any pupil/student to sublet accommodation or accommodate any visitor overnight or permit a “squatter” in his/her/their rooms without the written permission of the SBHM.
                10. If an already ejected “Landlord” or “Squatter” is caught again “pirating” or “squatting” with another pupil/student in the hostel, the second offender shall be suspended from the Academy for up to one academic term, while the first offender forfeits his/her room allocation without any refund.
                11. No pupil/student is allowed to create ‘dark corners’ in his/her room.  Any student found guilty of the offence shall be suspended or expelled from the hostel for the whole term
                12. Pupils/Students will be held responsible for any careless or willful destruction or damage of Academy property.  Repair costs of proven-damages/destruction will be charged to the concerned pupil/student bill.  Any damage to common facilities shall be the collective responsibility of the pupils/students concerned.
                13. At the close of the term or expulsion from the hostel, pupils/students are required to return immediately all keys and other property in their possession to the appropriate officer. Failure to submit keys at the close of term is a punishable offence.
                14. No function or activities shall take place in the hostel without a written permission of SBHM.
                15. Pupils/Students leaving their rooms on vacation shall be properly checked out by the porters before they leave. The Academy shall not be responsible for personal effects left behind by the pupils/students.
                16. All students/pupils must attend preparatory classes (Pre).
                17. Any defect in the pupils/students’ hostel should be reported to the House Master/Mistress
                18. The Academy shall not accept responsibility for any loss of personal property in the hostels.  Pupils/Students are therefore advised not to bring valuable and expensive items of personal property into the hostels.
                19. For health and sanitary reasons, pets, animals, birds, fish, and/or reptile are prohibited in and around the Academy hostels.
                20. Hanging of wet towels and clothing inside hostel rooms is prohibited except in the spaces provided.

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